Winners of the Without Excuse Photo Contest

Winners!!!! We had some excellent entries... and appreciate everyone's particpation even if you didn't win... the Adult category was very hotly contested... We will be in contact with winners about prizes... photos prizes will be posted in the church for some time before being sent to the winners. Also looking into a gallery showing locally. Thank you again for all your entries!

Children -
1 Beautiful Creation - Brayden Belde
2 Topsy Turvey - McKenzie Harrington
3 Son (Jesus) through the trees - Parker Fulle
HM The Seed - Abigail Reede
HM A different kind of turtle

Youth -
1 Rainbows of Summer - Annina Manera
2 Heaven on Earth - Mackenzie Drummond
HM Perspective - Annina Manera
HM Sun Rays - Mackenzie Drummond

Adult -
1 Sunset in Kitty Hawk - Tracy Stonitsch  
2 May the Light Be With You - Erin Davis
3 Trying to Peek Through - Noelle Smith
HM Mothers Peace - Abraham Gadjo
HM The First Day - Barbara Perkins
HM Our Foucs - Rachel Bolstridge
HM I'll Follow the Sun - Skip Trembley
HM In My Child's Eyes - Janet Belden

Without Excuse Photo Contest

Over $1,000 in cash and prizes!

Theme – From the time the world was created people have seen the earth and sky, and all that God has made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature. So they are without excuse for not knowing God. Romans 1:20

We are looking for photos that illustrate this theme. Every submission requires a description. Images will be judged on how powerfully they and their description communicate the truth of the theme. They will also be judged on artistic impact, technique and image quality. Please feel free to creatively think outside the box as you honor the intent of the theme. Examples of the kind of pictures that could express the theme would be landscape photography including seascapes, sky and stars, macro photography that captures the complexity and beauty of nature, wildlife photography capturing the diversity of life, or people pictures documenting the subtleties of emotional interaction. 
Please remember that your description will weigh heavily in the judging.  It is important that you make it count.

Contest Period:
  • Images must be taken between June 8th - Oct 19th, 2014
  • Pictures can be submitted through the 19th of October
  • Winners will be announced on November 9th 2014
  • Pictures taken before the contest start date may be submitted and the best of these will be displayed in the honorable mention category
Suggestions for motivation:

Remember God’s invisible qualities are the foundation for nurturing, supportive and loving interactions between all of God’s creatures in every setting. So your pictures need not be limited to nature photographs.

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10:00 am - Worship Service
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10:00 am - Worship Service
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